Here’s our… Success Guarantee:

  1. Build your demo system and “play” until you are absolutely ready to commit to starting your new business.
  2. Attend our one day US$499 (100% refundable) MLM Workshop in either:  Bangkok, Philippines, Florida, Las Vegas.
  3. During the Workshop together we’ll your PreLaunch – Founder Presentation (fund your enterprise).
  4. When you are ready, activate a basic MarketPowerPRO System.  
  5. The total out of pocket cost to you is only US$499.

Within 30 days after activation:

  1. Attend the MLM Workshop and follow our time proven success formula, then if at the end of 30 days you decide it’s just NOT for you, after your first free month of use, simply don’t renew when you receive the second month Renewal Notification.
  2. Request a full refund for the US$499 MLM Workshop.
  3. Couldn’t be more simple, right?